If you are planning for a wedding or have been invited to one, it’s important to understand the wedding dress code. You don’t want to go for a wedding in the wrong attire. In this article, we have shared the most popular wedding dress codes. Find out more about these dress codes and what sets each apart from the rest.

Cocktail Attire

Also known as semi-formal or dressy casual, cocktail attire is one of the most popular wedding dress codes. Here, guests are advised to dress in between formal and casual. For the ladies, the best option is donning a cocktail dress and a nice pair of heels. On the other hand, gents should be in a suit and tie. A sport coat can also complement the look.

Formal Attire

Also known as black tie optional, this is another popular wedding dress code. In formal attire, the invitees should be in formal wear, but this is optional for everyone in attendance. Experts recommend dark suits or tuxedos for the gents, while ladies should consider formal evening wear, be it a floor-length flowing dress and heels or evening pant suits complemented with heels.

Beach Formal

As the name suggests, this attire is suited for beach weddings. For the ladies, a summer sundress, for example, knee-lengths or tea-lengths with flats, will be ideal. On the other hand, gents can rock summer suits, linen shirts and pants, or khakis with a pair of sandals.

White Tie

On the other hand, white tie wedding attire denotes a formal dress code and is the most formal wedding dress code. Men should come in long-tail tuxedos with formal shoes. As for the women, formal full-length ball gowns are the best, complemented by a nice pair of heels.

Black Tie

When you are invited to a black-tie wedding, you should know this is an evening affair so dress accordingly. Men can do tuxedos, while the ladies are free to don formal gowns, be it knee-lengths or full-floor gowns. The black-tie is the second most formal wedding dress code after the white tie.

There you have it, folks, a round-up of the popular wedding dress codes. Now that you understand what you should wear and when, it’s time to start shopping around to avoid last-minute rushes.