Anything can go wrong at a wedding. There may be last minute cancellations or miscommunications. In some cases dresses have been difficult to get hold of due to demand surges. More common issues may be minimised if people use technology in effective ways. Apple products are extremely useful for these kinds of events. However, they are also fairly expensive. Luckily, mResell offers ones in refurbished condition. This is a much more cost effective option, especially for people working with a tight wedding budget. This tech can be utilised in several ways.

Scheduling The Event

In order to ensure that the event runs smoothly there needs to be a schedule in place. The ceremony, reception and evening meal should be allocated their own specific start and end times. Scheduling is especially important for weddings with unusual venues. For example, one Derbyshire couple got married under water. MacBooks and iPhones are ideal for keeping track of the events of the day. mResell is an Apple refurbished Australia based company that provides customers with these products. Wedding planners will find items in their catalogue that can help make their job much easier.

Creating Invites

Before worrying about the big day the organiser has to find out who can come. This involves sending out invites to potential guests. Couples like to get creative when designing these. Apple has several great graphic design programs to utilise. This software allows users to make an invite that shows off their own unique personality. These could even be personalised for each recipient so that the guests feel more welcome. Refurbished Apple smartphones are perfect for creating invites whilst on the go.

Playing Music

During the reception it is common to hire a DJ to play music. The problem is that this can end up being too expensive for some couples. The good news is that a MacBook is a reliable substitute. Organisers can create a playlist and then plug the laptop into a sound system. The night’s music will then automatically play. Apple products have access to the latest music streaming services. They give couples a range of song options to make their dances more special.


Everyone involved in the ceremony should know what their role is. These rituals have specific timings. For example, the bride, groom, bridesmaids and ring bearers walk down the aisle in a particular order. Communication is therefore very important. If all of the players have an iPhone it can save a lot of headaches. A text chat group could be set up. This will allow people to ask questions and stay informed.

Recording The Event

In the past a professional cameraman would be hired to make a video of the wedding. This is no longer necessary thanks to HD iPhone cameras. These devices are far more portable than video cameras. They also save files directly onto the cloud. After the wedding the couple may download these videos and edit them using a MacBook.